Vandal-proof, all-weather camera for automating logistics systems and railway transportation



ContainerCAM is a dependable tool in the immense task of tracking intermodal shipping containers at any volume of transportation. This camera takes ideal images for reading BIC and ILU container codes, CSC plates and even UIC numbers on train carriages. To survive the typically harsh conditions of container transportation sites and railroads, ContainerCAM is protected by a robust IK10 & IP67 shock- and weatherproof housing. It is vandal-proof, works in all weather, day & night.

This camera, thanks to its dual-lens design is applicable both for capturing the codes of passing containers and having a general CCTV surveillance – as one is an overview lens, the other is optimized for close-up imaging.

Our engineers created a moving parts-free design which will give you a peace of mind, cutting out most of the possible failures – but you are backed up with a full 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as well.


Purpose-built solution
This camera is specifically designed for capturing codes of passing containers - creating proper input for OCR.
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All-weather endurance
Thoughtful design with immaculate sealing makes this device resistant to any weather condition.
A professional IK10 shock resistant housing protects the camera.
Day & night operation
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The built-in-white illumination supports imaging in low light conditions and also during the night.
Overview image
In addition to close-uo container code scanning, the camera´s secondary overview image serves as a CCTV camera.
Remote access
Being an IP camera, this device can be accessed remotely using a web browser from PCs and smartphones too.

This camera does one thing,

but the best way

In fact, it performs two functions. Thanks to the dual optic system, the unit processes two image streams: one focusing closely on acquiring container codes (close-up view) – offering perfect input for any ACCR software, the other providing suitable view for general CCTV surveillance purposes. The camera has built-in flash, works night & day and is protected by a vandal-proof and weather-proof housing (it is IK10 and IP67 certified).

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Harbour Cargo

Shipping ports went through a full transformation in the past decades. Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACR) is now like a standard for comprehensive databases - tracking container movement, automating and simplify logistics and container surveillance systems.

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Purpose-built for container code reading


Software motion detection, GPIO, UART


Ethernet, Optional: 4G & GPS module

Dual lens design, up to 7 auxiliary light sources

Type of installation


Optical zoom




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