Traffic Monitoring Cameras

Traffic Monitoring Cameras

Helping traffic flow and safety - on all roads, in any weather, day and night.
Traffic Monitoring Cameras

Vidar ANPR camera

Get rid of lenghty ANPR camera setup once and for all.
  • Auto-setup

  • Built-in laser trigger

  • Dual optic imaging

  • Robust and weatherproof design

ParkIT ANPR camera

The performance of your ANPR highly system depends on the input image quality. Don't make compromises.
  • Ideal for vehicle access control

  • Optimized imaging for ANPR

  • Rugged & waterproof

  • Full remote access & configuration

FreewayCAM ANPR camera

Does ANPR recognition rate matter in your traffic project?
  • Designed for optimal ANPR imaging

  • Rugged & waterproof design

  • Works up to 255 km/h speed

  • Avoids low-contrast / overexposed images

SmartCAM ANPR camera

The smartest one amongst ANPR cameras
  • Onboard ANPR processing​

  • Built-in triggering

  • ​IK10 / IP67 protection

  • Dual lens construction

SpeedCAM ANPR speed camera

Measures speed, takes care of safe traffic. The quardian angel of any road
  • Certified speed measurement

  • Onboard ANPR processing

  • Built-in triggering

  • Powerful night vision

MicroCAM mobile ANPR camera

On-the-move license plate recognition
  • With optional onboard ANPR​

  • Built-in vehicle detection (trigger)

  • Withstands extreme weather

  • Lightweight design

IR-LIGHT for ANPR cameras

Read license plates even in the distance - thanks to this Infrared light extension module
  • Extended ANPR range up to 100m

  • Plug & play with FreewayCAM family

  • Sturdy design with IP67 protection

  • Glare-free imaging day & night