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Passport Readers & ID Scanners

Passport Readers & ID Scanners

Personal data captured, authenticity verified - within seconds. From border control to casinos.
Passport Readers & ID Scanners

Osmond passport reader

It thinks, it reads, it authenticates – and displays the results instantly.

- Easy to use: results shown on the display

- Special illuminations for forensic checks

- High-res (700 ppi) scanning

- Models both for retail and border control


PRMc passport reader

A high-end ID / passport verification device for mission-critical applications

- Special dual optic system

- Multi-spectrum document analysis

- JURA IPI decoding

- Highest RFID standard compliance


Combo Smart passport reader

If you are not an expert in ID verification, don’t worry. Combo Smart has got you covered.

- Automatic verification of IDs

- Reads both printed and RFID data

- Ideal for KYC and AML

- No moving parts, outstanding reliability


Combo Smart Kiosk passport reader

Smooth passenger flow – made possible by integrated, super-fast ID verification

- Ideal for e-gate / kiosk integration

- Designed for personal travel documents

- Automatic data reading and verification

- Self-service operation


Combo Smart N passport reader

All-in document reader and verification terminal

- Onboard ID processing

- Network connectivity

- Data reading and authentication

- Remotely accessible


Combo Scan ID scanner

Almost the same size a your palm but types guest data ~ 150x faster

- Automatic ID data extraction

- Ultra-compact design

- No moving parts included

- Powered via USB


Combo Scan Kiosk passport reader

Self-service ID verification in ultra-compact form, under 2 seconds

- Designed for kiosk integration

- Ultra-compact form

- Automatic ID data extraction

- Powered via USB