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A high-end ID / passport verification device for mission-critical applications


It’s like putting together all the ID verification capabilities we have designed yet – and adding revolutionary new ones – in one single device. That is Osmond, the best passport reader we have created so far.
Osmond’s game changer feature is how it redefines user-friendly operation: the verification results immediately appear on its display, giving you clear feedback. There’s no need for manual typing anymore – nor for being a forgery expert. This new passport reader is built just for that, to help your business.
Osmond maximizes ID authentication as well. It virtually takes apart any ID and analyzes its layers using various illuminations (infrared, UV and also side / edge light) to offer reliable help even for those users who lack experience in fake ID checks. It’s performed quicker than you’d ever imagine.
Some models in this product line are all-in-one configurations – these have integrated processing therefore do not even need any PC connection to provide the results, and on top of that, they work as network units – communicating via wifi, Ethernet and 4G, to transfer the results to any application. It can be your smartphone, a hotel reception or even a border control system.


It’s an all-in-one ID document verification tool, some models come with on-board (integrated) processing. No external resource is needed for its operation.
Image scanning and OCR under 1 second thanks to the powerful LED usage and the contemporary FPGA structure.
This device adapts to the environment, offering up to 3 convenient powering options: external, PoE+ and USB-C.
ID scanning has never been easier – the unit displays the scanning results instantly, in a way that is clear for any user.
Some models can automatically send the results via the network to your smartphone, a server, or any business application.
Its IP54-protected case and IP68-compliant connectors offer enough protection from any external harm and its scratch-resistant glass ensures steady operation.

What's inside?

This device will make you a forgery expert

We have used our decades of experience in the field of forgeries, fake IDs – and put all our knowledge in this scanner and its software. The system performs in-depth optical / digital analysis, filtering out fake and copied documents automatically. Finally, any business can verify IDs – even without such rare knowledge.

It virtually takes apart any ID

Osmond performs authentication on multiple levels. Using special illuminations, it analyzes each layer of the identification document.

White light

The device takes a high-res, color scan of the ID that is suitable for archiving, face comparison and general inspection purposes.

Infrared (IR)

This invisible light is used for dual purpose: checking if the ID is printed with security ink, and also for preparing the image for the Optical Character Recognition (data reading).

Ultraviolet (UV)

Under UV illumination, the ID’s invisible security features come alive – this light source visualizes the special UV patterns to be analyzed by our pattern-matching algorithm, while, also with the help of UV, Osmond confirms if the document is printed on security paper.


Using lights from multiple angles, the device automatically extracts the holograms, special laminates and various glossy elements*, to show them on a separate image for better visualization and inspection.

* also called as OVD (Optically Variable Device) and OVI (Optically Variable Ink)

Edge light

Also known as side light or oblique light – a light that comes from a low angle, shows well the surface of the passport, when checking the presence or any possible discrepancies of embossed prints and tactile security features.


The amazing imaging performance is guaranteed by the 700 ppi scanning resolution that lets you visualize even microprints and delicate background graphics on some documents – in other words, tiny, but important details that show well if the document is fake or copied.

What's inside?

LED illumination sources, lens, sensor, contactless chip reading module, FPGA and even integrated processing… all these in such a small form? Yes, our engineers like to dance on the verge of impossible – and did a great job.

There’s even more: a highly scratch resistant glass, multi-powering options, contact chip module, integrated display. See the specs below for the details.



Hotel check-in

Banking & finance

Car rental

Law enforcement

Corporate receptions


Telco offices

Border control & immigration


Osmond is available in 4 configurations. The chart below shows the main differences.

Osmond L

Osmond R 

Osmond N

Osmond F



white, IR, UV, OVD and edge light

USB-C connection

RFID reader module

Contact chip reader module

Improved scratch-resistant glass


Around 3x more durable than the regular tempered glass option

On-board processing


The device has integrated processing and is able to perform ID verification without PC connection.

Ethernet connection

Wifi + 4G

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