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Read license plates even in the distance – thanks to this Infrared light extension module


In some ANPR projects it is required to read license plates in the distance – even up to 100 meters from the camera, and that is definitely a challenge especially in low light. For such scenarios, an additional illumination source comes in handy; that is why we designed this infrared light extension module, that works with all of our ANPR cameras.

IR-LIGHT is a plug & play auxiliary light component, constructed to illuminate the vehicle and its surroundings in a glare-free way, preventing excessive reflections and the overexposure of unnecessary details. Depending on the application, you can select IR-LIGHT with white light LEDs or infrared (IR) LEDs (760 nm or 850 nm) and you can connect even more than one unit to a single ANPR camera.


Extended ANPR range
Traffic systems benefit from IR-LIGHT by its extended ANPR range, especially in low light conditions
Plug & play
This illumination add-on works out of the box with ARH cameras like FreewayCAM, SmartCAM, SpeedCAM, etc.
Non-visible illumination
Better accuracy is made possible without ever disturbing the traffic.
Sturdy design
The unit has a high-class IP67 rating to endure heavy rain and even sandstorm.
Synchronized flash
IR-LIGHT works in full synchron with an ARH camera - it flashes as the camera controls it.
Glare-free imaging
Infrared illumination ensures a proper input for ANPR processing.


IR-LIGHT has 25 powerful LEDs in a vandal-proof IP67 housing and it can be purchased as a light kit for ANPR cameras: everything comes in the box, nothing else is required except basic tools. We believe in sturdiness and quality, which is why this product comes with an extended 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Light extension kit for FreewayCAM family

Illumination wavelenght

IR 760 nm,IR 850nm, Visible white

Supported cameras

FreewayCAM, SmartCAM

Extended ANPR range and grale-free images

Type of installation

Fixed, Plug-n-play


I/O cable


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