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Big Announcement!

We have a big announcement: Our next-generation ANPR camera, Vidar, has just been launched. →Discover this innovation yourself

More than just an ANPR camera

This innovative IP67 and IK10 rated device has many helpful features, each of these have been designed for your benefit, and is the result of our 30-years of expertise. With this camera, you can get more than just license plate capturing: on-board ANPR, built-in triggering, make-and-model recognition, black and white list management, moving direction detection, and even speed measurement, independently of light and weather conditions. All while using its inbuilt setup features, assisting with easy configuration.

No missed vehicles, thanks to the non-intrusive triggers You won’t need to bother with any external triggering – Vidar has a vehicle detection analytic function integrated in addition to the laser trigger in the corresponding models. ANPR on-board Vidar ANPR cameras are available with or without onboard ANPR processing. The all-in-one SmartCam version has a built-in SSD suitable for storing 80,000 vehicle events with images, and up to 1 million events with only metadata. I could easily continue listing the benefits but I know you’d rather see it yourself, so why don’t you take a look at Vidar’s exceptional features on its website: Discover Vidar and extend your view of ANPR cameras → Here is a link to the technical brochure.

If you require any further technical or commercial information please feel free to contact us.


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