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Introducing The Lynet M504

We are thrilled to introduce the ultra-compact powerhouse for mobile ANPR, the Lynet M504.

Our latest Mobile ANPR & MMR solution boasts unmatched capabilities. With an influx of interest across the globe, NZ and Australian Solution Integrators can now implement this technology. 


Superior Image Capture:

High-resolution 5MP color images with Global Shutter technology for accurate readings at highway speeds.

Compact Design:

Lynet's sleek and ultra-compact, lightweight design, made in Europe, makes it ideal for covert installations, police monitoring, and road surveillance, ensuring discreet surveillance without compromising performance.

Onboard Carmen ANPR & MMR:

Powered by Carmen ANPR and video analytics, Lynet delivers high performance, ensuring accurate readings and efficient data analysis for enhanced security operations. With a track record of recognizing over 50,000 license plates and identifying 2,200+ vehicle models.

Same UI & API as Einar:

Lynet shares the same user interface and API as our world-class Einar camera, designed for access control.

Operational to 300 km/h:

Lynet proves its effectiveness in real-world scenarios, even at speeds up to 300 km/h.

For more information or to register your interest, please email, phone, or book in a 15 minute meeting.


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